Tuesday, February 8, 2011


"oh is it your birthday today ? "

This can mean a lot of things...

1.To the mighty footballers who are out of touch
        -this might be a golden "Free kick" without a penalty...take it and Po..

2.To those girls who always want a chocolate for anything and everything

           -no dont look at my hand I only have fingers in there and I have left all the chocolates

safely in the shop for you to buy :|

3. To those old uninterested folks
             - yea I know I am becoming you:(

4.To those pompous A**es who come with a condescending smile
            - I know you also get a birthday ...so what this is my day!

5. To those friendly faces
             - yea I am defenitely giving you a treat whether you give me a treat or not!

6. To those spl ppl in our life
           -I know you are always the last one to call me... never mind I am still waiting...

7. To those hyper excited ppl
               -our lifetime decreases with every budday but its those small jokes and enthu that we share,

keeps us all going...