Sunday, March 14, 2010


I’ve never seen him walk with such determination. With his destination and acts are always brief and undefined, I was shocked to see him walk in a straight line to some place early at 10:35 today morning. Without further hesitation I stopped him to ask where he was up to ? But he kept walking, then the realisation dawned- “Mandi- morning –just brushed teeth- wats for br......oh..BREAKFAST”.

Yeah thats the first question I am asked these days, speacially by the only person , my yaar, the one and only MANDI (u-know-who).

This must have been the starting lines of the post but it really old. My computer shows that i started writing this post on 30/jan/this year.

The blogging season is back so thought I will complete it.....

A lot of things have happened in these forty five days. It looks really long when looking back but time just flew. We wrote the first sessional of the last semester, then i wrote GATE without preparation, then thr was quizfest, Haorohi followed, then the trip to Pachmarhi..... I would call it the Queen of Satpura. The place is a absolute beauty. The views are breathtaking, the waterfalls are just awesome and food was really delicious. Its a must go for all VNITians and (might go for others).
The things that remain the same with no changes whatsoever, is my life and my Final year project!

Looking for some changes ...... and hoping to get an interesting topic to blog on....

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