Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The recent de-recognization of 44 deemed universities is a very bold and appreciable act by the MHRD. It would have certainly hurt me, really bad, had I been a student of any one of those institutes. 
But I wonder why there is not a NIT in the list?  I read quite a few opinions on this issue and all of them have approached the issue from money and material point of view (infra and funding, in our lingo). Is it enough for the Govt. to regulate fee structures and check if there are adequate facilities in the college? 
I am not asking you to feed the horse, but I am asking if it is enough to let the horse loose and fill the pitcher? After all who will walk the horse to it and check if it eats the stuff given to it?
I strongly feel the government’s attitude towards institutions such as ours is something like this. They create facilities, recruit staff and admit students but they neither check if we learn anything here nor if what they spent on is worth anything.
Its astonishing that not one of those famous columnists talked about the “Quality of Education” in our Deemed Universities. We might think the education here is good but is it really so? Have u ever tried discussing your syllabus with your fellow friend back home in a what we call a “not so good college” ? Try it we find they are, in fact, Better. Their departments have more faculty than what we have. They come on time, teach them and if not inspire them at least let them free to get inspired from elsewhere. But here none of the above happens and we are left with the superior feeling that we are students of a NIT and such high airs. I’ve personally seen this in a lot of friends here and I am not ashamed to say this without compunction that, at times I feel like that too.
What’s pathetic is that we VNITians live in our own world and in Bliss. The laziness that aggregates in our body and mind, day by day, the feeling that anything can be done overnight ......and mainly the absolutely no respect for our teachers (of course, but for a few). It hurt me very much on the valedictory day of IG’10 when the valedictorians danced on stage oblivious of the presence of the Deans and the acting Director!!  I am sure they would not do such a thing in front of their school principal, even today!
It’s not like I am pro Profs and it’s certainly not because they have credentials that demand respect. I think, the main reason is because of the “mutual exclusion principle” that prevails amongst us. What we do does not affect them and what they do doesn’t really bother us. We are so drowned in the cosiness of our hostel beds and the moh maya of internet and DC++ that we forget the purpose with which we set foot in this place.
In our first year we come in with a lot of expectations but to our surprise the place is totally different. By the time you reach fourth year the system swallows you totally that it’s hard to come out of it and you feel, anything you do to change it affects u badly so let’s not do it only.
If you know me u will agree with me, if you don’t you’ll probably call me a loser and the one who blames the system for his in capabilities. Wake up guys!! Lemme tell you, I maybe a victim of the system but Not Really.  I am at least aware of what’s happening and have the courtesy to inform you of the same. It might not be about most of us but it’s about a few friends who are still sleeping or have faced too severe a blow from the system to now stand up and walk. 
Forget our college; there are a few good things happening here and there to keep us going, But I am sure u have heard stories from your friends in other NITs, some successful and some failures. I’ve heard many of the latter.
Finally, these questions were asked in The Hitavada, yes it’s the same paper that we spill sambhar and chutney on, daily at the Breakfast table. On 24th I was lucky enough to have my attention grabbed to it by transcription of Dr.Abdul Kalam’s speech in Ramdeo baba (and not VNIT extra mural- where we enjoy a free 2hr every Thursday afternoon only to spend 2mins on a notice once a semester), behind which was the opinion titled -“Deemed not to be”; it was a forthright article and ended with some candid questions:
·         Are classes, exams held on time?
·         Are university results declared without delay and irregularity?
·         Are libraries equipped with NEW book, magazines and reference material?
·         Do the authorities take pain to understand the present requirements of their students?
·         Is the teaching faculty updating itself with new knowledge of modern times or still referring and teaching from old books and notes?
·         And the final one :
Have universities lost the touch of turning a youth into a responsible citizen of the country?
I don’t know if our authorities have answers to these questions. Such callousness can go on and lead even up to cancellation of your convocation- one of the most joyous days in a youth’s life. The feeling of completeness... 
I dint miss much fun and masti in my college days but...I will certainly miss an important page in my book of memories. I don’t know what it speaks about but I am sure I will know when I search for it.


  1. Addressing ur first concern : why we dont have NIT's in the list of derecognised collgs?? Well the simple reason that I can understand from a laymans point of view : the circumstances in the derecognised collges is woefully bad, the situation in NIT's is not comparable to the pitiable conditions that these collges existed in. I have seen, in person, the wardha collge dat was recognised, It existed jus to fill the coffers of the management. So both issues arent comparable on a common platform.

    But i am not justifying here the wretched state of affairs of the NIT's, am pointing away to the issue of education on a pan india perspective,more than 3/4th of the students graduating out of our universities dont get a job,. So shouldnt we feel fortunate here in NIT. No, coz most of us are getting jobs just bcoz we are branded VNITians, and we are branded for life. And we get this luxury of jobs, not becoz we all are bettr than those comin out of other collgess. The human psyche and our education system inflates our ego. But still the collg is bettr than many. And as you love being a socialist- let us bring the poor out of poverty, and only then worry abt increasing the overall quality of the masses(PS:thiis is an analogy betn ppl and educational institutes)

    I directly jump to one part i wished to point out in the beginnig- wat cud be a solution to the issue so well highlighted by u?
    well i guess the govt is already burdenend under providing free primary education !! (not to forget-watever is free is damned by both the provider and benefactor) we cannot expect the govt to step in to rescue higher education from the vicious circle. May be, removing FDI cap seems to me a way forward. Let harvard MIT and others start their campuses here. Give a competition to the IIT's nd IIM's(not to frget our own dearNIT)

  2. dude!
    first of all, yes we r much better than many colleges but my question is only this: are we living upto our reputation??are we what others think we are?? (some of us raising upto oppurtunities and making it big is a different issue ... thats human too can happen wid anyone !!)

    2)I am sure 3/4th of our students are happy that they r placed but certainly not happy wid the jobs ! And this is not the case in colleges better than us !!

    3)hmmm the branding.... i dont know how long it is before the colors of our fabric fade. I'm skeptical about this and we still can save the brandname. but at this rate i cant imagine where my college would be...

    4)and i feel when we r comparing stuff for betterment we should always look at one's above us and try to reach that place than settle down for being better than ones below.

    5)free education given to ppl in their childhood is with the belief that when they bcome lik us they'll do smth. but when they come here what happens is this... whats the point. higher education is the present, heart throb... primary education is alll preparations for this battle? what's the use if u prepare well but don't perform.. no one is going to talk about ur practice!!

    5) when u create something such as an institute of national importance, u need to really give it some importance(its like making a spl product- it needs a good design team and also a strong after sale service/support team!!)

    6) the topic will proably drag us to the bootom of the issue, changing the beliefs of ppl... not everyone needs to be an engineer. we are falling short of a lot of artists, economists, such exotic yet unique personalities..
    so, i feel the the govt needs to pull itself together, approach it in steps. form comittees to monitor the progress. make the best rules for the best institutes if it works implement them in othr univs.

    afterall education is only a teaching-learning process. why involve the lead actors in the side roles too??

    commercialization of education is mainly a political side effect. politics is a major voe that we have in our country. i just hope it is stated as the first majjor problem in our civics textbooks along with unemployment, corruption n stuff.

    finally, i dont say its all bad. we just need to concentrate on the right things first, and strive to improve. Lets try to do our bit first!